Coronavirus News: Corona is done and both doses of vaccine have been taken.. How safe are you from Omicron?


To prevent serious infection and hospitalization, the vaccine’s effectiveness is reduced by up to 44 percent when infected with Omicron six months after both doses of the vaccine. Its information has been given in a new analysis released on Friday, which is based on thousands of cases in Britain. Britain’s Health Protection Agency gave detailed information about this in its technical briefing 34.

The agency reported that the vaccine’s efficacy against hospitalization was about 64 percent by 24 weeks. But protection is reduced if the second dose is taken before 24 weeks. In the UK, vaccines manufactured by AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer are being used mainly in vaccination campaigns. In a second analysis, the UKHSA found that people who took two doses of the vaccine along with a previous infection had 60 per cent vaccine efficacy against the disease.
Be careful if you are taking Omicron lightly! Now the death toll is increasing rapidly after infection
People with hybrid immunity are the safest
Recent laboratory studies suggest that hybrid immunity exists in healthcare workers who have been infected once and have received both doses of the vaccine. This means that their immunity is most powerful in neutralizing the Omicron variant. According to the report, the vaccine’s protection against mild disease largely disappeared 20 weeks after vaccination, according to new population data analysis.

Reduces effectiveness after 10 weeks of booster dose
The report further states that after the booster dose, the safety initially increases to about 65 to 70 percent, but after 10 weeks it decreases to 45 to 50 percent. The new data largely confirm the need for booster doses. It also hopes that people with hybrid immunity, possibly the highest in India, may be better protected without a third dose for at least some longer period. More than 700,000 Omicron cases were included in the research for analysis.