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Coal shortage: Power crisis may deepen in the country, coal laden goods train capsizes on dedicated freight corridor

New Delhi: There are only a few days of coal left in the power stations of the country and there has been a huge power shortage in many states. To overcome this crisis, the Railways is working day and night. But meanwhile there is bad news. A coal-laden goods train derailed on the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) on Saturday. The accident happened near Bharthana railway station in Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh. Several bogies of goods train going from Kanpur to Delhi derailed. Railway track was damaged due to overturning of 12 wagons of goods train and movement of trains on DFC rail route has come to a standstill. However, after getting information about the accident, along with the police and railway officials, the technical team has also reached the spot. If this track is not repaired soon, then the coal crisis may deepen in the coming days.

Officials say there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for coal this year. 400-405 freight trains are being run daily for the transportation of coal. Now due to this accident, there may be problem in timely delivery of coal to the power plants. This is the reason that the technical team of Railways has also reached the spot to repair the track as soon as possible. In August last year too, a goods train derailed on the DFC route near Etawah. In this accident, about half a kilometer of railway track was completely uprooted and eight wagons were badly damaged. The DFC team was able to resume the operation of goods trains after several days.
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400 goods trains are running daily
The country is facing severe heat this year. In April itself, the demand for electricity has increased a lot. With the increase in the demand for electricity, the consumption of coal has also increased. There are only a few days of coal left in many power plants of the country. Due to this there is a power cut in many states of the country. Power sector experts say that the coal crisis in the country has taken a serious form at this time. Due to this, the power crisis in the country has also deepened. To meet the requirement of coal, the pressure on railways to transport it has increased.

Railways has to cancel 16 Mail/Express and Passenger trains daily for the last few weeks. Railways have to do this to give way to coal laden goods trains. According to the Railways, 670 passenger trains have been canceled till May 24. More than 500 of these trains are long distance mail and express trains. Railways has also increased the average number of coal-laden goods trains. Now more than 400 such trains are being run daily. This is the highest number of such trains in the last five years.

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Coal crisis may deepen
According to sources, the Railways has promised to provide 415 freight trains daily for the transportation of coal to meet the demand of coal. Each of these goods trains is capable of carrying around 3,500 tonnes of coal. He said that this arrangement would continue for at least two more months to increase the coal reserves in the power plants. With this, the power plants will have sufficient coal reserves and the crisis in July-August will be averted. Due to rains in July-August, coal mining is the least. But if the DFC route remains closed for a few days, then it may deepen the coal crisis.

Now due to disruption of DFC route, the supply of coal to power plants may get disrupted. Coal is supplied to the rest of the country from the mines located in the eastern states. DFC has an important role in this. Railways had already directed senior officials that if there is any problem on coal routes, then it should be rectified on priority basis. Coal is used to generate 70 percent of the electricity in the country. Railways has also taken several steps to increase the movement of coal. Long distance trains are being run. Senior officials are closely monitoring the process of loading and unloading of coal.

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