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Clearly: why Lada Granta Classic’22 without airbags and ABS costs not 300, but 679 thousand rubles? – News

An anonymous source from the AvtoVAZ plant told Lada.Online why the anti-sanction Lada Granta Classic’22 without airbags and ABS costs not 300, but 679 thousand rubles.

Recall this week on sale new basic version of Lada Granta Classic’22 arrived, which lost not only ABS and airbags, but also an immobilizer, an ERA-GLONASS module and other useful options. At the same time, such a car fell in price by only 50 thousand rubles.

It should be understood that the price of a car is not always equal to its cost. The cost of the car is determined by special services, which are based on current market prices. The market dictates the price of the car. And in connection with the current situation in the country, one should not hope that the price of a new car in Russia will be less than 700 thousand rubles.
Anonymous source

The following chart shows Russian prices for cars in basic configurations as of May 23. One cannot but agree that Lada Granta Classic’22 simply has no competitors.

AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov said that he was counting on the demand from the Russians for an anti-sanction version of the Lada Granta car. He stated that the Russians “need time to get used to the new reality in the markets, new prices.”

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov told why they have now launched the production of poorly equipped Lada Granta cars, devoid of various options. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the absence of airbags “can be overcome by driving without them for some time”: “Then, as soon as it becomes possible to install them, the owners of these cars will change the steering wheel and put airbags.”

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