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Caste Census Benefits: Why are Nitish-Lalu intent on conducting caste census? Know… who will benefit from this and who will be harmed


Patna: Whether it is NDA or Mahagathbandhan in Bihar regarding caste census (Caste Census in Bihar), say whether it is RJD or JDU… both are telling it their victory. The question is, why Nitish and Lalu (Caste Census Meaning in Hindi) are intent on getting it done? After all, what is going to be achieved after the caste census, whose desire is going on till the ‘advance booking’? After all, why parties having different opinion on everything in Bihar regarding caste census have the same thinking? After all, what is there in ‘Jaat Ki Baat’ (Caste Census Benefits) in which the parties of Bihar are seeing political life. Let me tell you one by one.

Why ‘caste’?
Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav argue that after the caste census, how many people belong to which caste and what is their condition in the present situation, it will become clear. This will also facilitate in giving the benefit of reservation. At the same time, the ruling party at the Center repeatedly refers to the statement of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in which he had clearly said in Parliament in 1952 while being the Home Minister of the country that ‘if we do caste census, then the social fabric of the country will be broken. .’ This is the reason that even after the socio-economic census was done later, it was not made public or published again.
Caste Census: 1881, 1931, Second World War and then 2011…
Advantages of Caste Census
Talking about caste census, there are definitely advantages from it. Let us talk about these benefits in turn.
1-New figures will give clear information- In the present era, different castes in Bihar tell their numbers almost by saying. Like Yadavs are about 16 percent, Brahmins are about 6 percent and such and such castes so much. But after this census the picture will be very clear. Almost the distance will end completely.
2- Caste is not included in the census of every 10 years- Census is conducted in the country once every decade i.e. once in 10 years. In this, people belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are counted, but the figures of counting of backward and most backward classes are not released. The caste census helps the government in drawing up development plans. Understand that this is also a measure of development. But due to non-involvement of caste in this, many times problems also arise. Especially in Bihar where caste is everything. With this census, this scale of development in Bihar will be corrected.
3-To take stock of the economic, social and educational status- After the caste census, it can also be clear that which caste is backward at the economic, social and educational level. In such a situation, new schemes can be made to take its direct benefit to those castes. This census will prove to be helpful in trying to get those castes a proper place in the society.
Caste Census in Bihar : Why I was not invited to the meeting, please answer it… Mukesh Sahni angry for not being invited to the all-party meeting of the caste census
Disadvantages of Ethnic Census
Obviously, if something has an advantage, then it also has a disadvantage. It has been said that every coin has two sides. Similarly, if caste census has advantages, then there are disadvantages too. understand how
1- Castes will remain as vote banks of political parties- Once this census comes, those castes which are now found to be backward after decades of independence and after the 1931 census will be on the direct target of political parties. Just say that vote bank, in such a situation almost all the parties will compete to get only that vote bank. The result will be that the concept of inclusive development for all will be deeply hurt. Because then the balance of the balance of the social scales can also become a situation of deteriorating.
2- There is also the possibility of damage to the family planning program- After the caste census, if any caste or society comes to know that their numbers are less, then they can compete to increase their population. Obviously, this will have a direct impact on the family planning program and the exercise of keeping the population under control may get a setback. In 1952, the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had also added this reference and expressed the possibility of breaking the social fabric.

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