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Car Care Tips for Rainy Season: Take special care of your car in the rain, these tips will work for you – News

Car Care Tips for Rainy Season: With the monsoon season approaching, many people like to go on long drives at night time with their favorite songs. and enjoy the rain. In the rainy season, you may have to face problems like moisture in the engine of the car, lighting due to water entering and electrical parts not working. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of vehicles during this time. Let us know how you should take care of your car during the rainy season.

Pay attention to brake check and servicing

When the roads get wet during the rainy season, the role of your car’s brakes becomes very important. To avoid any kind of accident, it is important that the brakes of your car remain in perfect fit condition. Even though the time for servicing your car has not come, but still it should be checked once by visiting the nearest mechanic or service center. Make sure that the brake caliper of your car is not too loose or too tight.

pay attention to tires

Most of the accidents that happen during the monsoon season are due to car skidding or aquaplaning. Hence, make sure that the tire tread depth is more than 2 mm, otherwise you may get into trouble and it may affect your braking too. The best way to check your car tyres is to insert a coin and check if half of the coin is inside the car tyre. Also, make sure that the tire pressure is at the proper point.

Battery and wiring check

To avoid any short circuit or battery issues, check your car battery before stepping out in monsoons. Also, check that all wires and fuse elements are properly insulated.

replace old wiper blades

This is very important but still it is often ignored. Proper and good quality wiper blades are essential to avoid any kind of problem in the rain. According to Indian roads, special attention should be given to this.

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check car lights

This is very important for the safety of other people as well as you. Properly functioning headlights, tail-lights, fog lights and turn signals are important throughout the year, but they should be given a little more attention during the monsoon season. Cloudy sky and heavy rain may make it difficult for you to see.

cover your car

If you keep your car under the open sky, it is important to cover the car with a waterproof car cover. Rain water can damage the expensive paint job of your car and can even damage the rubber seals around the panels like the sunroof. It is very difficult to predict monsoon correctly in India. Therefore, it is important to be prepared in advance for any problems that may come. It is advisable to keep things like fuses, basic tools and a medical kit handy.

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