Car Airbags: Now your car will have six airbags, Gadkari announced, know how safe the car is in Europe-America


New Delhi
Six Airbags: Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways (Morth) Nitin Gadkari said that now in India at least six airbags will be required for a car with a capacity of eight people. The government has approved the draft GSR notification to make it mandatory.

According to this, it has been made necessary to provide four additional airbags in M1 category vehicles to reduce the impact of collision from front and rear for the people sitting in both the front and rear compartments.

airbag rules in india
The Ministry of Road Transport has made it mandatory for the fitment of driver airbags with effect from July 1, 2019, and for the front passenger to be seated next to the driver with effect from January 1, 2022. It has now been made mandatory for most passengers to have airbags in cars sold after October 1, 2022. Gadkari said, “This rule of installing maximum airbags will ensure the safety of passengers in all segments of the car, irrespective of the price/variant of the vehicle.”

US law made in 1998
By making a law in the US, from 1 September 1998, it was made mandatory for all cars and small trucks to have airbags on either side of the front seat. Air bags in passenger cars were introduced in the US in the 1970s. Ford made the first car with airbags in the year 1971.

Airbags per passenger since 1997

If we talk about the American car market, then in the year 1997, tube-shaped head side air bags were given in the BMW 7 Series and 5 Series. In the US on July 11, 1984, the government made Motor Vehicle Safety Standards mandatory for drivers of cars sold after April 1, 1989, with airbags or seat belts. After this, in the year 1998, by changing the rules, airbags were made mandatory for the driver and passenger sitting in the front row.

Car safety standards

If we talk about car safety in Western countries, a recent study by American automobile manufacturers has found that the risk of serious injury for the person sitting in the front seat is found to be low in the safety standard of the European Union. Along with this, if the vehicle is damaged from the side, then the chances of getting seriously injured in it are also less. In comparison, the American Standard car has a higher chance of seriously injuring the rider in a front- or side-to-side collision.

Crash tests measure safety

If we talk about American safety standards, then the risk of serious injury to the driver and passengers in the event of a rollover of the car is low. While making cars in western countries like Europe and America, care is taken that the damage to the person sitting in the car in a face-to-face collision is minimal.

Benefits of driver side mirror

An analysis of a study by American carmakers suggests that driver’s side mirrors in European cars can reduce the incidence of crashes while changing lanes. In countries like America, people prefer larger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks. Elite looking cars are more preferred in comparison to this in Europe.

Accident related to car head lamp

American car companies take care that for the safety of road passengers, their headlights are strong enough that they can decide to stop the car in time even after seeing it in the dark.

car driver be safe
If we talk about making the car safer, then in many studies it has been revealed that European cars allow less damage to the driver as well as other passengers in the event of a crash than American cars. While making cars in western countries, companies take care that in case of an accident, there is minimum damage to the driver. The reason for this is that in western countries most of the people drive the car themselves.

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