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Blood poisoning food: These 5 white things eaten daily can make blood ‘poisonous’

Blood Poisoning is a serious infection. This happens when bacteria are in the blood. Poisoning does not mean that there is poison in the blood. In fact, it is called blood poisoning in common language. This problem in medical language septicemia or sepsis is called.

sepsis is a serious infection. It is believed that the accumulation of dirt in the blood can rapidly increase the risk of sepsis. Blood poisoning requires immediate treatment. Before the risk increases, it is important to understand its risk factors and symptoms so that time can help in the right treatment. Chills, moderate or high fever, weakness, rapid breathing, increased heartbeat, yellowing of the skin are some of the signs and symptoms that suggest you have a blood infection.

Stomach infection, any insect bite, any open wound, kidney infectionBlood infection can occur due to UTI, pneumonia or skin infection and wrong eating habits. Apart from these, there are also some things eaten daily, which can make the blood dirty and with their regular consumption you can be at risk of not only blood poisoning but also high blood pressure and other blood problems.


Butter is high in fat and sodium. This is the reason why it can increase the risk of diseases related to blood and heart. It is known to increase LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Dairy Products

A report published on NCBI According to reports, dairy products are high in fat, due to which their consumption increases the risk of high blood pressure. Also it can affect the blood.


Excess intake of salt can not only increase the risk of high blood pressure but also kidney and heart diseases. Excess intake of sodium can increase the risk of blood-related diseases. Salt is known to increase water in the body, thereby putting pressure on the blood vessels.


according to CDCHigh intake of sugar can increase the risk of blood sugar. This can lead to many serious health problems for you. It can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs in the body, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems.

Fine flour

Blood sugar rises rapidly due to excessive consumption of flour and its products. This is the reason why diabetic patients are advised to avoid it. It increases the glucose in the blood, which leads to a chemical reaction and due to this, the risk of blood diseases can increase.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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