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Bike AC Jacket; bike cooling jacket for summers fan in jacket makes bike riding cool – News

Cooling Jacket For Summers: Let us tell you about some such jackets, which help to keep you cool in the summer.

Bike Riding In Summers With Cooling Jacket: It becomes very difficult to ride a bike in the summer season because the heat of the sun directly affects the person’s body. Anyway, in many parts of the country including Delhi, the temperature is staying close to 45 degrees, so it is even more difficult to ride a bike. But, in any situation, their important work cannot be stopped, that is why people walk on bikes even in the sun when needed. In such a situation, just imagine that if you can find such a jacket, which reduces the feeling of heat and keeps you cool, then how wonderful it will be. So let us tell you about such a jacket. We have seen these on an e-commerce website.

Cool Vest Cooling Fan Jacket

This jacket has fans, which can also be removed if needed. Its fans deliver fresh air to the back and shoulders, due to which sweating ends immediately, due to which you feel cool even on hot days. You must have felt even at home that when you are sweating, then even the slightest wind feels to you as if there is a cold air in the AC. In the event of sweating, this jacket can also make you feel the same way. This jacket is around Rs 5000 on Amazon.

Ice Vest – Personal Cooling Cold Vest

In this, 96 pure water ice cubes are used to reduce body temperature effectively. It can be worn both indoors and outdoors. It can keep the body cool for three hours. Made from neoprene and rip-stop material, it weighs 3.5 pounds. After removing the ice sheet, it can be machine washed. Its price is around 6 thousand rupees. We have also seen this on Amazon. These days good fans come for more price than this.

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