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Bihar MLC Chunav 2022: Rajya Sabha elections have been overcome, Lalu’s ‘companions’ in the Legislative Council elections should not spoil Tejashwi’s game


Patna:In the Bihar Legislative Council Election 2022 (Bihar MLC chunav 2022), the main opposition party Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) may find it difficult to get all three of its candidates to win. In the elections to be held on June 20, the Grand Alliance does not seem to be united, which can be a direct loss to the RJD. If we look at the current strength of various parties in the assembly, the victory of all three of their candidates cannot be decided until all the constituent parties of the Grand Alliance unite and vote in favor of the RJD candidate. A candidate needs at least 31 votes to win in the Legislative Council election. While RJD has 76 MLAs. Thus, it would need 17 votes of allies. At present, the CPI(ML) has 12 members in the Assembly. At the same time, CPI(M) and CPI have 2 MLAs each. Apart from this, Congress has 19 MLAs.

Allies furious over RJD’s candidate announcement
While the CPI (ML), an ally in the Grand Alliance, has termed this announcement as one-sided, it is against the coalition religion, while the Congress has even spoken of fielding candidates in alliance with the Left parties. The state’s main opposition party Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on Monday announced the names of its candidates for Bihar MLC.

The RJD has fielded Mohammad Qari Sohaib, Munni Rajak and Ashok Kumar Pandey as its candidates. Following this announcement, the CPI-ML registered a protest. CPI(ML) state secretary Kunal has termed the announcement of the names of candidates unilaterally by RJD for three seats in the Bihar Assembly as unfortunate and against the dignity of the alliance.

He alleged that the process of talks was going on, but in the meantime the names of the candidates were announced unilaterally by the RJD, while we have had a long claim on 1 seat and RJD has also been accepting it. Urging the RJD leadership to reconsider this decision, he said that the Legislative Council should take a positive decision towards the CPI(ML)’s claim on the seat. He told that a letter has also been written by the party to the RJD leadership in this regard, in which it has been said that the RJD should remember its promise and leave one seat of the Legislative Council for our party.
Announcement of election dates for 7 seats of Bihar Legislative Council, let’s understand the mathematics of profit and loss of RJD-JDU
RJD candidates cannot win without our cooperation: Congress
Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed says that RJD has fielded three of its candidates, but without allies, all three of their candidates cannot win. For a candidate to win, around 31 votes are required. If there is an alliance, there is an exchange of views and support, but it has not happened, he said. He said that it was a one-sided announcement. He even said that now Congress and Left parties are free. If we want, we can also field candidates together.

RJD has shown domination over weak parties, without asking, three candidates have been fielded! Will she be able to vote in the council?

Ahmed said that what the RJD wants to show by breaking the alliance. Here, RJD spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav refuted these allegations and said that the candidates have been announced with the consent of all. He said that all castes and classes have been kept in mind in the announcement of the candidate. The Election Commission has made an announcement regarding the elections to the seven seats of Bihar Legislative Council to be vacant in July. The process of nomination for these seven seats will start from June 2 and voting will be held on June 20. Counting of votes will also take place immediately thereafter. If we look at the strength of the members of the assembly, then in the Legislative Council elections to be held on seven seats, two seats are seen going to BJP, two seats to JDU and three seats to the Grand Alliance.

RJD fielded its three candidates for the Legislative Council without asking weak parties, Shakeel Ahmed warned

RJD’s trust in ‘A to Z’ in candidate selection
RJD also announced its candidates for the elections to be held on seven seats of the Legislative Council. While the RJD has tried to channelize its traditional vote bank through the elections to the Legislative Council, it has also tried to win the trust of Tejashwi Yadav’s ‘A to Z’. RJD has fielded Mohammad Qari Sohaib, Munni Rajak and Ashok Kumar Pandey as candidates for the Bihar Legislative Council elections. RJD has tried to solve the social equation in the selection of candidates for the Legislative Council.

The party has nominated Muslims, Dalits and upper castes as its candidates. Qari Sohaib Yuva of Muzaffarpur included in this list is the state president of RJD. The most shocking name on the list is that of Munni Devi Rajak. Munni Devi comes from a very poor and Rajak family. Munni, a resident of Bakhtiyarpur, earlier used to iron clothes outside Khusrupur station. After joining RJD, she started going to party programs and singing on stage. This time RJD has decided to send him to the Legislative Council. It has also been decided to send Ashok Kumar Pandey to the Legislative Council. Ashok comes from a long Brahmin family.

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