Be careful if you are taking Omicron lightly! Now the death toll is increasing rapidly after infection



  • The death toll due to corona virus is increasing rapidly all over the world
  • Death rate increased by 12 percent since last week amidst increasing cases
  • Cases are decreasing only in African countries, an increase of 321 percent in India

This week also the number of corona cases continues to increase worldwide. The bad news is that the death rate has also increased and now it has reached 12 percent. According to AFP, the number of daily corona cases this week has increased by 44 percent compared to last week, reaching a record 2.78 million. The Omicron variant is responsible for these frightening figures. The number of cases increased by 210 percent in Asia, 142 percent in the Middle East, 126 percent in the Latin America-Caribbean region and 59 percent in Oceania.

Corona cases have increased by 31 percent in America and Canada. Among all this, Africa is the only country which is showing signs of improvement. There has been a decline of 11 percent in cases here. The Philippines saw the highest increase of 327 per cent in new cases, followed by India at 321 per cent, Kosovo at 312 per cent, Brazil at 290 per cent and Peru at 284 per cent.
China starving in Corona lockdown, people go to sleep only at 3 o’clock in the evening to save food
Rapidly decreasing cases in African countries
If we look at the decline, then it includes African countries. Eswatini has reported the biggest drop in new cases for the second week in a row. This decline is of 45 percent. In second place is Zambia with a drop of 30 percent. South Africa has seen a 27 per cent drop, Namibia 26 per cent and the UK 25 per cent. Four southern African countries were among the first to be hit by the Omicron variant in early December, while the UK and Europe were among the first to be severely affected.

The situation is still bad in America
The US remains the country with the highest number of new cases so far, with an average increase of 34 per cent per day. China on Friday further tightened anti-epidemic measures in Beijing and other parts of the country. About two weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics in the country, more cases of infection are being reported from different places.

Strict prevention measures in China
Beijing has ordered children from international schools to undergo tests from next week. Citizens are being asked to travel only when absolutely necessary as there will be no guarantee of allowing them to return if they visit any city or area with an outbreak of COVID. The city of Tianjin, about an hour from the capital, has ordered the launch of a third round of mass investigation from Saturday morning, which will be completed in 24 hours.