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Astronomers have published a picture of a serpentine spiral galaxy – News

New images of the spiral galaxy NGC 1087 have been released. To create an image, photographs of the ALMA radio telescope complex in Atacama and the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory, located on Cerro Paranal in Chile, were combined to create an image.

NGC 1087 lies about 80 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Cetus and has an estimated diameter of 86,800 light-years. The galaxy is known for its small core with a very short bar. ALMA’s observations captured a lava-like reddish hue in the image, which are cold clouds of molecular gas, and the VLT added images of clusters of old, formed stars that stand out with bluish hues.

The collage was formed as part of the PHANGS project, or High Angular Resolution Physics in a Survey of Nearby Galaxies. Analyzing images taken at different wavelengths helps researchers study the physical properties of stars, gas, and dust in the galaxy. By comparing and analyzing the results, astrophysicists better understand the processes of star formation.

You can download the high resolution image from the European Southern Observatory website.

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