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Apple got stuck due to its own software update, fined Rs 6 thousand crore – News

London. Popular company for premium products Apple It has been in controversies many times, and now Apple is caught in a new trouble. This time Apple has come under the scanner only about its new operating system. In fact, a UK consumer rights champion Justin Gutman has sued the company for 750 million euros (about Rs 6161 crore). Gutmann has alleged that Apple deliberately slows down the performance of older iPhones as soon as the new OS is introduced.

Gutmann says that due to new updates, older iPhones start running slow, and this increases the demand for new models of the company, and people have to replace their old phones even if they do not want to. Gutmann alleges that a tool is hidden with the company’s software update, which affects the battery of the iPhone, so that users can update to the new OS.

In the BBC report on this matter, Apple was quoted as saying that we will never intentionally reduce the life of any Apple product, nor will we spoil the customer experience. Further, Apple said that their aim is to make a product for people that they like and can last for a long time.

Let us tell you that Gutman has claimed 768 million euros (about Rs 62995 crore) in lieu of this problem being faced by 25 million iPhone users in front of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Gutman says that Apple never informed users that an OS update could slow down a user’s device. They further say that Apple misled people by hiding a tool in the software update, which slowed down their device by 58%.

This matter came to the fore in 2017
Let us tell you that this matter is related to the power management tool rolled out in the year 2017 for Apple iPhone, which slows down the performance of older iPhones through software updates. When this matter came to the fore, the company had apologized to the users and talked about the price in the battery replacement program. Not only this, Apple had also advised users to turn off the power management tool manually at that time.

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