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Apple finally discontinues iPod Touch model, ending 20-year-old lineup – News

Apple has officially announced the discontinuation of the last iPod Touch model, ending the company’s popular and fan-favourite iPod product line. Apple began this lineup with the launch of the original iPod in October 2001. Although Apple did not create the market for portable music players, at that time the company had impressed the whole world with its product. The highlight of this product lineup was its extremely portable design and scroll wheel. Apple also sold the hugely popular iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod Touch series over the years following the launch of the original iPod.

Apple has finally closed the iPod product lineup that has been around for the past two decades, reducing the portfolio. The series hasn’t been updated since the launch of the 7th generation iPod Touch in mid-2019. Even its availability on Apple’s official website was reduced, as other products, notably the iPhone, took its place.

Apple’s iPod had become a great device for music lovers. Along with this, the company also used to give its popular white earphones. Every time a new model was expected to be launched, there was a lot of excitement among the fans. The original iPod became popular because of its 5GB of storage and FireWire connection, but in 2003 Apple announced a Windows version of the iTunes app for music management to make the lineup more popular and reach more people. That move was instrumental in helping Apple establish its brand identity during Steve Jobs’ time.

Over the past 20 years, Apple introduced new features such as the Click Wheel with the Touch Surface and integrated buttons and flash memory, starting with the iPod nano lineup. Before the era of streaming, the iTunes Music Store gave users the experience to buy and sync music, and Apple later changed it to Apple Music. When the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, it was represented as an Internet-connected device and iPod with mobile phones, along with touch controls.

With the growing popularity of the iPhone as well as the streaming service, Apple shifted its focus away from the iPod lineup, and hasn’t updated this lineup since the 7th Gen iPod Touch.

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