Andrey Mozalev: My main rival is myself


World junior champion Andrey Mozalev summed up the results short program at the European Figure Skating Championships, which started in Tallinn. Mozalev took the lead in the tournament, beating two compatriots – Mark Kondratyuk and Evgeny Semenenko.

– It was a good run. Everything worked out, although I could perform the elements even better, – Mozalev said at a press conference. – But this is only an intermediate result. We still need to roll back an arbitrary program. And my biggest competitor will be myself.

Andrei also told how he reacted to the news that due to Mikhail Kolyada’s injury, he became a participant in the European Championship from a substitute.

– I found out about it on Sunday, and on Monday I had to fly to Estonia, – said the skater. “But I tried to keep calm and continued to prepare as usual. Since I was the first substitute, I practiced all the time. I got in good shape and just kept it up. I was ready to act at any moment.