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Amit Shah and Doval had 2 meetings in 2 days, a plan was made for the terrorists doing target killing in Kashmir


New Delhi : Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are selectively killing Kashmiri Pandits, non-Kashmiri Hindus and patriot Muslims. 3 Hindus have been killed in 3 days. There have been 18 target killings in the Valley so far this year. One after the other these incidents have brought back memories of the horrific era of the 90s. The exodus of the remnant Kashmiri Pandits has started once again from the valley. The seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that Home Minister Amit Shah is going to hold a high-level meeting for the second consecutive day. The government has also prepared the outline of a solid plan to deal with the terrorists who are killing the target.

Kashmiri Pandits on target of terrorists and civilians
Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have intensified anti-terror operation to eliminate terrorists. Apart from this, after the abrogation of the special status given to the state under Article 370 in 2019, the terrorists are furious at the normalization of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and the local voice against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. In this fury, they are doing target killing. One Kashmiri and 2 non-Kashmiri Hindus have been murdered within 3 days. On Tuesday, terrorists shot dead a government teacher named Rajni Bala outside the school in Kulgam. On Thursday, terrorists shot dead Vijay Kumar (27), the bank manager of the local Dehati Bank, in Arreh village of Kulgam. He was a resident of Rajasthan. Hours after Kumar’s murder, terrorists attacked non-Kashmiri laborers in Budgam. Dilkhush Kumar died in the attack. He was a resident of Jandaha in Vaishali, Bihar. Last month, terrorists entered the tehsil premises and shot and killed clerk Rahul Bhat.

Migration from Kashmir, Bengal Violence, Shaheen Bagh… How is the image of the government being dented on the domestic front?
Plan ready against target killing
After the murder of Vijay Kumar, Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with NSA Ajit Doval and RAW Chief Samant Goel in Delhi on Thursday. Shah’s meeting with LG Manoj Sinha was proposed on Friday to review the security of the Amarnath Yatra and the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, but a day before that he held a meeting with the NSA to discuss the anti-terror strategy. Most of the terrorists involved in target killing are those who have no prior criminal record nor have they all taken training in any terror camp. These ‘hybrid’ terrorists have become a big challenge for the security forces. To deal with this, this strategy has been made that the Jammu and Kashmir Police will focus on such ‘invisible’ hybrid terrorists. On the other hand, the security forces will focus on those terrorists who have been identified, who are Pakistanis or those local youth who are stepping into terrorism by announcing on social media.

It was the dark night of 1990, today the country is watching ‘Kashmir Files 2’ with open eyes, what helplessness is this?
Terror or this new pattern becomes a challenge for the security forces
Terrorists have also changed tactics in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorists are now luring and recruiting local youth with petty crimes or no criminal records. Security related sources told our affiliate newspaper Times of India that regular terrorists are luring local youth with money or drugs. Pistols are being supplied to them and these youth are working as ‘part time terrorists’ or ‘hybrid terrorists’. Civilians are easy prey for these hybrid terrorists. They escape after attacking and after the attack, if they do not come on the radar of the security forces, they start living a normal life again. A similar hybrid terrorist was involved in the killing of a bank manager on Thursday.

In the CCTV footage, it is seen that the terrorist wearing a mask is seen briefly at the gate of the bank manager’s cabin. Then he steps back but after a while he again comes to the gate of the bank manager’s cabin. The terrorist takes out a pistol from his bag and runs away after firing two bullets at the busy bank manager.

Amit Shah and Ajit Doval’s meeting… What does it mean in the midst of increasing incidents of target killing in Kashmir?
Special units to be formed at police station level to identify ‘invisible’ hybrid terrorists
A senior official told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India, “It is very difficult to find such hit and run terrorists who are leading a normal life, who are leading a normal life like any youth in your neighbourhood. Sources told TOI that the changed security strategy is still under discussion. This new strategy against terror will be discussed in the meeting of Home Minister Amit Shah with LG Manoj Sinha and NSA Doval on Friday. To deal with these ‘invisible’ hybrid terrorists, special police units will be formed at the police station level, which will identify these local troublemakers and take them for questioning if needed.

A senior defense official told TOI that the speed with which the security forces are carrying out anti-terror operations, which have eliminated many terrorists, has made it difficult for the terrorists to launch a large and organized attack. In such a situation, civilians have become easy prey for them. “Local youths are being killed within days of joining the terrorist organization,” the official said. At present 150-170 terrorists are active in Jammu and Kashmir. That is why terrorists are now resorting to hybrid terrorists to attack civilians.

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