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AMD is “just as amazing” as Nvidia. The first test of the “magic” FSR 2.0 technology has been published – News

The first major review of technology appeared on the Web AMD FSR2.0. Recall that she switched to temporal scaling, like DLSS 2.0, which should provide a better image. At the same time, AMD development does not require any special equipment, although the company offers a list of recommended video cards. Moreover, the authors conducted the first tests on the GeForce RTX 3060, which is very funny.

But this was done in order to be able to compare FSR 2.0 and DLSS 2.0 as correctly as possible. For this, the game Deathloop was chosen, which supports both technologies.

And the reviewers concluded that FSR 2.0 is just as amazing as DLSS 2.0 (even DLSS 2.3, if we’re talking specifically about the Deathloop version). Sometimes the quality of the picture is even better, but you can only see the difference if you look at the screenshots very carefully, so it’s unlikely that anyone will notice the difference in the game.

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