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All these edible oils became cheap including mustard-peanut, check the price of 1 liter mustard oil – News

Edible Oil Price Down: Despite the rise in foreign markets, there has been a decline in oil prices in the domestic market. There has been an improvement in soybean prices. At the same time, there has been a fall in the prices of mustard and groundnut. According to experts, after the opening of exports by Indonesia, the prices of soybean, palmolein oils, except sunflower, have come down by about $ 100 abroad.

Mustard and groundnut are being supplied
Let us tell you that the imports in the country have come down at high prices and the local demand is being met by soybean, groundnut, cottonseed and mustard. In this, the maximum pressure is on mustard, which sits far cheaper than imported oils. The demand for imported oils is also negligible, due to which the import has decreased by about 13 percent in April this time compared to last year.

Refined mustard is being made in many states including UP
Sources said that in North Indian states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, large quantity of refined mustard is being made, but there is a limit to meet the shortage of imported oils with these oils.

There may be a shortage of mustard in the coming days
Let us tell you that due to this, there may be a shortage of mustard in the coming days. In order to avoid the problems of edible oil supply in the coming days, the government procurement agencies should make stock of oilseeds like mustard and the government should make arrangements to stop the rigging in the retail business.

How much has mustard oil become cheaper?
Sources said that the price of mustard seeds fell by Rs 100 last week to close at Rs 7,515-7,565 per quintal as compared to last week. Mustard Dadri oil lost Rs 250 to closed at Rs 15,050 a quintal. On the other hand, mustard, Pakki Ghani and Kachchi Ghani oil also closed with a loss of Rs 40 each at Rs 2,365-2,445 and Rs 2,405-2,515 per tin (15 kg) respectively.

Soybean prices also fell
Let us tell you that in line with the general trend of decline, soybean oil prices closed with a loss in the week under review. The wholesale price of Soyabean Delhi declined by Rs 400 to Rs 16,650, Soyabean Indore declined by Rs 500 to Rs 16,000 and Soyabean Degum declined by Rs 300 to Rs 15,250 per quintal.

Groundnut prices fall
Apart from this, if we talk about the prices of groundnut, groundnut grain fell by Rs 125, groundnut oil Gujarat by Rs 200 to Rs 6,710-6,845 and Rs 15,650 per quintal respectively. Groundnut Solvent Refined also fell by Rs 25 to Rs 2,625-2,815 per tin.

At what price did palm oil close?
Due to higher prices in the foreign markets in the week under review, the price of crude palm oil also declined by Rs 500 to Rs 14,850 per quintal, the price of Palmolein Delhi fell by Rs 600 to Rs 16,350 and Palmolein Kandla fell by Rs 520 to Rs 15,200 per quintal. In the week under review, the price of cottonseed oil fell by Rs 350 and closed at Rs 15,250 per quintal.

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