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All altcoins including Bitcoin, Ether rolled in the shadow red again in the crypto market today – News

The red color spread in the cryptocurrency price chart is again scaring investors today. Today all the popular cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether are seeing a huge decline once again. Bitcoin, the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, has declined 8 percent today according to Indian crypto exchange CoinSwitch Kuber. At the time of writing the news, the price of bitcoin on Coin Switch Kuber was running at Rs 15.9 lakh. The price of bitcoin has also declined globally including India. The price of bitcoin is trading at $19,089 (approximately Rs 14.8 lakh) on global exchanges like Binance and CoinMarketCap.

ether Too bitcoin Was seen following and its price has also come down drastically today. In comparison, Ether has suffered more than Bitcoin today. At the time of writing the news, the price of Ether on the Indian crypto exchange Coin Switch Kuber was trading at Rs 82.9 thousand. Its price has declined by 9 percent in the last 24 hours. Global platforms like CoinmarketCap have also suffered significant losses in its price. At the time of writing this news, its global price was at $995. Stable coins also did not appear to be performing well today. Stablecoins where gains have been made are quite modest. Gadgets 360 crypto price tracker Indicates that in increasing coins only Tether, USD Coin And Bitcoin Cash The name was Apart from these, all other top altcoins were seen colored in red.

Every small big due to the ongoing recession in the market cryptocurrency Prices are going down continuously. Dodgecoin and Shiba Inu are also facing this impact of the decline. Today both the Doge theme cryptocurrencies have again seen a major decline. DodgeCoin was showing a 7 percent drop at the time of writing this news. At the same time, the loss in Shiba Inu was seen to be slightly more than 5 percent.

Recently, the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, the negative effect of which is continuously visible on the cryptomarket. The global crypto market cap has fallen below 1.59 percent on 18 June. The overall crypto volume has also declined significantly. Overall crypto volume has fallen by 24.60 percent.

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