Alec Baldwin, who shot the operator, handed over his phone to investigators


Actor Alec Baldwin handed over his cell phone to investigators who are investigating case died on the set of Rust in New Mexico in October, his lawyer and law enforcement official said. Previously, the police have repeatedly stated that the 63-year-old actor refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

A warrant to seize Baldwin’s iPhone was issued back in December. Investigators should review text messages, email, social media posts, browser activity, and other information stored on the device. The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said earlier this week that investigators are still trying to get the actor’s cell phone. On Friday, a spokesman for the Juan Rios County Sheriff’s Department told the Guardian that Baldwin’s phone had been handed over to authorities in Suffolk County, New York.

Recall that Baldwin was rehearsing a scene on the set of a Western when a live bullet was fired from a pistol that he held in his hands, which mortally wounded cameraman Galina Hutchins. Actor saidthat he did not pull the trigger and is heartbroken over the incident. The lawsuit, filed by the authorities against Baldwin, alleges that the script of the film did not require him to fire a pistol when he mortally wounded Hutchins. Lawyers handling the lawsuit described the behavior of Baldwin and the film’s producers as “reckless” and accused them of failing to follow safety rules on the film’s set.