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Agnipath Protest: Agnipath for the soldiers, then why not cut down on the pride of the leaders? If you remain MP, MLA even for a day, then pension for life


New Delhi: These days, there are demonstrations in different parts of the country (Agnipath Protest). The youth are so angry with the government’s scheme Agneepath that their anger has taken a fierce form. Somewhere trains are being burnt and some other government properties are being damaged. In the name of agitation, even the riots have started. Opinions of people are divided regarding Agneepath scheme. Many people are saying it right, while many people are criticizing it too. The question is, why did the Modi government bring such a scheme, due to which the anger of the youth has flared up? After all, what is the point of enlisting someone in the army for only four years? If the government is thinking of reducing its expenditure, then why is the unaccounted money given to the leaders not being cut?

The government has said that the youth coming under the Agneepath scheme will get preference in government jobs after retiring after 4 years, but the question is how much? Anyway, getting pension and working full life are two different things. Pension secures the future of the family, due to which the soldiers do not hold back from sacrificing their lives. The question arises that whoever will be returned home after paying some money after four years, why would he put his life in danger? The biggest objection of those opposing the Agneepath scheme is this, the rest of the politics is adding fuel to the fire as usual.

Why is the government, which cut the pension of the army, not reducing the pension of the leaders?
One of the major objectives of introducing Agneepath scheme is that the government should get rid of the burden of pension given to the soldiers. This is the reason why youth are now seen on the streets. Till now he used to get pension for life after working for 15 years, but now many youths will only work for 4 years and the rest of their life will also be spent struggling. A big question here is that if the government only wants to reduce the pension burden, then why are soldiers who have the zeal to die for the country being made scapegoats? If the government wants to reduce the burden of expenditure, then why doesn’t it cut the non-negotiable expenses given to the leaders?

Netaji’s salary is 20 thousand, but gets 2.5 lakh rupees every month!
The salary of MLAs varies from state to state. The allowances they get also vary. Telangana MLAs have the highest salary in today’s time. Although the salary of MLAs is only 20 thousand rupees, but all the allowances are available on it, due to which their salary becomes 2.5 lakh rupees. The lowest salary is available in Tripura, whose MLAs get only 34 thousand rupees after adding all the allowances etc. The MLAs in UP get a total of Rs 1.87 lakh.

The maths of MLA’s pension will blow your senses
If a leader becomes an MLA once, even if he becomes an MLA for only one day, then he gets a lottery. Netaji, who became an MLA, will continue to get pension for the rest of his life. Recently, the Punjab government took a big decision regarding pension and decided that now all the MLAs of Punjab will get only one pension. Don’t be surprised, there is more than one pension, at least for Netaji. The rule in Punjab was that the number of times a leader became an MLA, he would get pension. Meaning, after becoming an MLA for 10 times, his pension used to be Rs 6.62 lakh, which has now been limited to Rs 75 thousand, because only one can take pension.

Netaji gets double pension
The rules are such that if a leader is taking the pension of a former MP or MLA and becomes a minister again, then he gets the pension along with the salary of the ministerial post. MPs and MLAs have the right to get double pension. If someone has been an MLA and later becomes an MP, then he gets the pension of both. There is no minimum time limit for pension, i.e. for any length of time Netaji has been an MP, he will be entitled to get pension. On death, the family gets half the pension.

Leaders get all kinds of expenses
There are four parts of the money received by any MP. Salary, Constituency Allowance, Office Expenses and Salary for Assistant. Travel allowance varies according to inflation. There was a lot of discussion when the then MP from Shimla, Virendra Kashyap, imposed a bill of Rs 20 lakh for travel allowance for three months. Second AC rail travel for former MPs is also free. Electricity, water, house, travel everything is free for politicians, whereas Agniveers will have to spend on all these things like a common man.

There is no pension only in Gujarat, in other places money is being wasted.
8 states have fixed upper limit for the pension of MLAs. It is said that a former MLA of Manipur gets a pension of 70 thousand rupees, which is the highest in the country. Gujarat is the only state in the country where former MLAs do not get pension. There are 20 states which give more pension to their former MLAs than any MP. When a former MLA dies, his wife or children get half the pension. 25 thousand for the first term of five years in the case of former MPs and two thousand rupees separately for every year thereafter.

Opinion: We don’t want firefighters with guns, will such miscreants protect the country?
On the go, understand what is Agneepath scheme
The Modi government has started the Agneepath scheme for the recruitment of youth in the army. Under this, the youth will be recruited for four years. These soldiers who join the army will be called Agniveers. This will see a reduction in the average age of the armed forces after the youth join the army. Along with this, after the retirement of the soldiers, the burden of pension on the government will also end. After four years, Agniveer will retire with a hefty amount. Out of these, 25% Agniveers will be recruited for permanent ie 15 years. For this, youth between the age of 17.5 years to 21 years can apply. These youth will be given training for 6 months and then their services will be taken for 3.5 years.

Here a question arises that why the army personnel were chosen to cut the expenses? Why has his own pension been stopped? Why is no such rule being made which will curb the pension of MLAs and MPs? Why is there no cut in the allowances given to them? Modi government should think in this direction and the way pension is not given to former MLAs in Gujarat, the same system should be there in other places also. At the same time, the expenses of the leaders should also be curbed, so that the future of the soldiers of the country’s army is not in danger.

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