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After recovering from covid, the patients’ memory is getting weak, in this way the effect of the virus is visible on the brain

How Kovid-19 affects the brain

in a study It has been told that in the symptoms of post covid, problems related to the brain arise. Viruses can be successful in affecting the brain in many ways. Doctors have given many theories in this regard. But no theory has been agreed upon. Right now the doctors are studying all the possibilities.

How do viruses succeed in affecting the brain?

The first is that the virus has the potential to cause severe and sudden infection by entering the brain. Another possibility is that the immune system goes into overdrive in an effort to fight COVID-19, triggering an inflammatory response that damages many tissues and organs in the process. The third theory is that all the physical changes caused by COVID-19 contribute to brain dysfunction, from high fever to low oxygen levels and multiple organ failure. At the same time, according to the fourth theory, it can be believed that the tendency to suffer stroke in COVID-19 patients can affect the brain.

Is there an increased risk of stroke in patients aged 30-40?


the doctor says that Complications of stroke in Kovid patients may be related to hyperactive blood clotting system. Another system that is hyperactive in patients with COVID-19 is the endothelial system, which consists of cells that form a barrier between blood vessels and body tissue.

This system is more biologically active in younger patients, putting these patients at greater risk of having hyperactive endothelial and blood clotting systems combined to form blood clots. Doctors have also said that it is too early to conclude from the available data that COVID-19 causes stroke mostly in patients aged 30-40. It has also been observed that there is an increase in stroke in COVID-19 patients of all ages.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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