Africa Cup: Ghana players angry with Gabon’s equalizer, scuffle broke out after match


Ghanaian players celebrate after scoring a goal


  • Scuffle between players of both teams after Ghana and Gabon match
  • Ghana players furious with Gabon’s goal in the last moments
  • Benjamin Teteh punches Gabon’s Aaron Boupendza

The controversy in the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament is not taking its name. A scuffle broke out between the players of both the teams after the match played between Ghana and Gabon on Friday. During this, a player also got punched.

Against Gabon, the Ghanaians lost their cool when an equalizer was scored in the 88th minute. Gabon leveled the score at 1-1 with a last-minute goal after falling behind. The Ghanaian players considered it against the spirit of the game as one of their players was injured and their player deliberately threw the ball off the field while waiting for the doctor to arrive. The Gabon players, however, continued with the game and a kick from Alevinah stunned Ghanaian goalkeeper Jojo Walcott. After the final whistle of the match, Ghanaian substitute Benjamin Teteh punched Gabon’s Aaron Boupendza. During this, there was a scuffle between the players of both the teams and the team officials in the stadium. Teteh is shown a red card for punching and is set to be banned.

Ghana captain Ayew said after the match, “He has shown a very small mentality. Very small We are very disappointed with them. After this draw, Ghana’s team has slipped to the third place in their group (Group C). While 1982 champions Ghana are in danger of being eliminated from the group stage, the same teams of Gabon and Morocco made the last 16. strengthened his position. Captain Andre Ayew had given Ghana the lead in the 18th minute but Jim Alevinah scored the equalizer in the 88th minute of the match.