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8 Chief Ministers of BJP were once loyal to the Gandhi family, after all, why do Congressmen start shining as soon as they go to the saffron party?


New Delhi: Manik Saha took oath as the Chief Minister of Tripura on behalf of the BJP during the weekend where the Congress Party was sitting in Udaipur for a contemplation camp. The special thing is that he comes from Congress background. Saha is the fourth person from the Northeast who has been associated with the Congress, who is now a BJP CM. Alam is that 8 Chief Ministers across the country have been Congressmen at one time. After all, what is it that the leaders who seem weak in the Congress, they shine in the BJP? The process of leaving Congress is not over yet. A day earlier, the resignation of Hardik Patel came from Gujarat, who was being described as the face of the Congress in the future a few years ago. In such a situation, many questions arise that what is it that makes them successful as soon as they leave the Congress? The second question is, what is the Congress doing wrong that the BJP is doing right? Writer and senior journalist Sagarika Ghosh has written an article on the same subject in our partner newspaper Times of India. He has tried to explain this with the help of four main points including leadership, what is the reason for this? He spoke of four key areas where the ‘old’ Congress can learn from the ‘new’ BJP.

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1. Leadership- The Congress party wants to avoid taking risks when it comes to change at the top level. Election strategist Prashant Kishor recently put forth a data that 170 Congress candidates had already lost two consecutive elections in the 2019 general election. After its second consecutive defeat in 2009, the BJP had realized that it needed a radical overhaul. As a result, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, who won three consecutive elections in the state, was made the face of the party in 2013.

It was a risky move for the BJP to bet on a face that had never been tested at the national level by trailing party stalwart LK Advani. But the party took the risk. Today the BJP has gone beyond the Vajpayee-Advani era. But the Congress party is still unable to take the risk of coming out of the Nehru-Indira era.

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Congress is still waiting for the future role of Rahul Gandhi. He preferred Ashok Gehlot, 71, to project 44-year-old Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. Jyotiraditya Scindia, 51, said goodbye to the party after he was sidelined in front of Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. Chhattisgarh Congress changed its leadership but when almost all the big leaders were killed in a Naxal attack. In contrast, the rise of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh has pushed back an entire generation of BJP state leaders.

2. Language / Narrative- In the Chintan Shivir, Congress has advocated reservation in private sector jobs while talking about public welfare. She attacked the BJP’s ‘India Shining’ model but forgot that the saffron party had abandoned that slogan more than a decade ago. In fact, the Congress party is quick to speak in the past tense, it is still stuck on Indira Gandhi’s slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’. What he doesn’t realize is that today more than 60 percent of Indians are born after his death.

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On the other hand, BJP carefully emphasizes the talk of a new India, a new middle class, a unicorn and a $5 trillion economy. The Congress shows hesitation or hesitation to extend its legacy as the original party to liberalization and economic reforms.

The BJP today speaks a hardline language which is completely different from the Vajpayee era. Today the language of BJP is not proper from the point of view of constitutional morality as it promotes right wing bigotry. However, BJP does not accept any apology or mistake for this line. On the other hand, the Congress, caught between being called anti-Hindu or soft Hindutva, does not appear to be determined to openly embrace modern, strong secularism.

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3. Organization- The BJP has focused on the grassroots level to strengthen the party. In one-third of the districts, the Congress does not even have a district committee. Congress Working Committee elections have not been held for two decades. In BJP, JP Nadda was made the party president and the new generation of state leaders shows that there is dynamism in the organization and the cadre is getting stronger.

The BJP high command may look a bit ruthless but the decision is decisive. The CM of Uttarakhand was changed twice last year. The CM of Gujarat was removed. Taking a risk, the BJP in Karnataka reposed faith in former Janata Dal leader Basavaraj Bommai by replacing regional stalwart BS Yeddyurappa. The Congress changed its Punjab CM four months before the elections, but the result was a loss of power.

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Talking about the social equation, today there has been ‘OBC’ization in the top leadership of BJP, but on the contrary, upper castes still dominate the Congress. Congress has announced ‘One Ticket One Family’ policy in Udaipur. It is yet to be actually implemented.

4. Status quo- BJP is growing every year. In 2009, BJP got 7.8 crore votes, in 2014 it got 17.16 crore votes and in 2019 the saffron party got 22.9 crore votes. In this way, it got three times the votes as compared to 2009. Congress had won in 2009 by getting 11.9 crore votes, in 2014 it got 10.69 crore votes and in 2019 it was 11.94 crore. The Congress is proving unsuccessful in expanding its base and has shrunk to its traditional vote bank.

After 60-70s, Congress has broken many times but it got stronger. But today the party looks very weak, it has become so scattered that the word broken seems small now. On the other hand, BJP has completely changed itself but Congress has been behind in moving ahead as a modern party.

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