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45 percent of the people who died in the year 2020 did not get treatment, the embarrassment report came out in the government data


New Delhi: A total of 45 percent of the deaths in the country in the year 2020 were because people did not get proper treatment on time. These figures, which have become an embarrassment for our country, were presented by the Registrar General (RGI). According to the data collected by them, a total of 82 lakh people died in India in 2020, out of which 45 percent did not get any medical facility at the time of their death and only 1.3 percent of those who died during this period were medically qualified. Professional help was available. However, the RGI’s report ‘Vital Statistics of India based on Citizen Registration System’ for the year 2020 does not mention the death toll from Kovid-19.

In 2019 also 35.5% of the deaths were due to lack of treatment.

According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, in 2020, when the cases of Kovid were first reported in the country, 1.48 lakh people died due to the epidemic, which is much less than in 2021. In 2021, 3.32 lakh people have died due to the epidemic in the country. According to the RGI report, “About 1.3 per cent of the total deaths registered in 2020 had medical facilities from qualified professionals in allopathy or other medical fields.” 45 per cent of those who died did not get any medical facility at the time of their death.

The death toll in 2019 in the absence of medical facilities stood at 35.5 per cent. According to the data, about 28 percent of the total deaths have occurred in hospitals etc. and the mortality rate is higher among the patients getting treatment in hospitals as compared to those getting treatment elsewhere. According to the data, out of the total registered deaths, about 16.4 per cent deaths are of patients undergoing treatment outside the hospital.

According to the report of RGI, it has received complete information regarding the medical facilities provided to the deceased from 34 states and union territories. The report said that partial information has been received from two states Maharashtra and Sikkim, hence these two states have not been included in the compilation of the data. With regard to infant mortality, the report said that in 2020, the infant mortality rate in rural areas was just 23.4 percent, while it was 76.6 percent in urban areas.


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