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‘4-year-old joke..MNREGA…contracting’, Agneepath on the political path, Tejashwi’s attack with 20 questions


Patna : Agnipath Scheme has now set out on the political path. Tejashwi Yadav ,Tejashwi Yadav) said that ‘the plans brought by this government without thinking, crash before take off, get tangled up. Such schemes die prematurely but the people of BJP keep doing them hip-hip-hooray till the last breath and later apologize. In a country where the soul of the youth is unhappy, then I believe that the soul of this country is unhappy. The government should be sensitive in such matters. The central government is urged not to play a fire-filled ‘four-year-old joke’ with the youth as there is no bigger fire than the hunger of the stomach. Showing a big heart, the government should apologize wholeheartedly to the youth of the country on the bad economy and huge unemployment due to its wrong policies. No one is smaller than apologizing.

Tejashwi showered questions on Agneepath
Bihar’s Leader of Opposition Tejashwi said that not only us but 60 percent of the youth of the country have some doubts and questions regarding the Agneepath scheme, which the central government must answer. Along with this, he appeared with a list of 20 questions. Know which are Tejashwi’s 20 questions. Learn.

1. Will Agniveers, who are reinstated on a four-year contract, get 90 days leave in a year like regular soldiers or not? Government clarify?
2. If the Agneepath scheme is justified, then why not recruit officers on contract in it? Why recruit only soldiers on contract?
3. Government should tell whether this scheme is ‘MNREGA’ prepared for educated youth or some hidden agenda of the Sangh?
4. Should the central government tell that the lump sum amount earned during or after 4 years of service to the country will also be taxed? If tax is deducted then how much amount will be left after deduction?
5. If the government considers Agniveers as soldiers, will it give gratuity to those soldiers? Has the period of this service been reduced to 4 years only to save gratuity?
6. Will the government provide canteens to Agniveers and other military facilities including medical treatment for ex-servicemen?
7. Did the government take feedback from defense experts, defense analysts, defense experts and experienced military officers before making this plan? Has his opinion been implemented?
8. Isn’t this the first ‘government’ restoration scheme that has a 75% net guarantee of being unemployed in just 4 years?
9. Under this scheme, after getting a contract job at the age of 18, the youth will retire at the age of 22? Will this not affect their higher education?
10. Analysts are of the opinion that due to the retirement of a large population of arms trained at the young age of 22 years and again unemployed, will there not be a law and order related problem in the country?
11. Why did the government, which talked about One Rank-One Pension, stopped at No Rank-No Pension? Doesn’t this show that this government lacks not only planning but also foresight?
12. Every year 50-60 thousand soldiers are retired in the army. For the last 3 years, more than one and a half lakh soldiers have been retired and not a single recruitment has been taken out. The government is now saying that it will restore a few thousand, that too on a contract of 4 years. Isn’t this a betrayal of youth? Why doesn’t the government do any discussion on the vacant posts?
13. What will the youth do if the country’s biggest employers, the Indian Railways and the Indian Army, start giving jobs on contract? After discontinuing the pension of government employees, will the BJP government now impose a complete ban on permanent jobs as well?
14. If BJP likes the contracting system so much, then will all BJP ministers, MPs, MLAs and office bearers get their children to resign from government jobs first?
15. On the one hand, the government waives off loans and corporate tax of lakhs of crores of big capitalists and philanthropists and on the other hand cuts the budget of the army. In the last 8-9 years only, loans worth more than 11 lakh crores have been waived off and on the other hand they are giving jobs on contractual basis in the army in the name of cost cutting. Army is the proudest establishment of India. Should the government intervene like this in the affairs of the army?
16. Why does the government not address the formidable problem of unemployment well? Should the government not consider the issue of unemployment sensitively?
17. Tell the BJP government, are 70% of the youth of the country not stressed about jobs at this time?
18. Is the government not guilty of the violence and anarchy created by unemployment?
19. More than 10 lakh posts are lying vacant in the departments under the central government. Is youth and opposition guilty of keeping these posts vacant for 8 years?
20. Didn’t the BJP government give a luscious assurance to the youth of 2 crore jobs, 80 crore jobs by 2022, 15 lakh money in each’s account and to bring good days in their lives?

Apart from this, Tejashwi said that the central government should immediately withdraw the Agniveer scheme. Apart from Agniveer, the youth of the country are also Karmaveer, Shoorveer and Shauryaveer. Stop playing with them and the present and future of the country. We urge and appeal to our youth from different states of the country including Bihar to not allow the movement to turn violent under any circumstances. Follow the path of Gandhi-Lohia and follow the path of peaceful protest.

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