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3 UFOs came in front of US Army helicopter! Pilot made video, you also see – News

There has been a debate around the world about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). There have been claims of seeing UFOs. Recently, this was approved by the government, now a top US defense official said that in the last 20 years, the number of unidentified objects flying in the sky has increased. This information was given by the defense officer in front of US lawmakers. However, now according to a new information, 3 UFOs passing at lightning speed have been spotted in front of a state-of-the-art helicopter of the US Army. Its video has also surfaced.

dailystar has its Report I reported that this video was recorded on November 6, 2018, about 40 miles northwest of Arizona. It is said that these UFOs were seen in front of the Apache helicopter of America. The co-pilot and gunner aboard the helicopter saw them. According to the report, when the helicopter was about to take off, only then these objects were reported in the triangle formation in the sky.

Seeing these the co-pilot and the gunner were stunned. In the video, he can be heard asking if they are three fast-moving jets. In response, the Apache pilot said, ‘Maybe’. Although he had clarified that he was not looking towards him. This video has been acquired by The Debrief and has spoken to many people about it. Regarding the video, former US Air Force fighter pilot Chris Lehto said that the object looked even faster than an F-16 or F/A-18 fighter jet. Overall his guess was that he was not a jet. Anyway, if it was a UFO, then this is not a new thing for the US Army. People associated with the army have been witness to this on many occasions.

Retired Homeland Security agent Robert “Bob” Thompson has also argued about this. He claims to have interacted with “dozens” of agents who have spotted UFOs while scanning the skies for drug smugglers across the border. Before joining the border duty, Thompson also served in the army for 11 years. Regarding the current incident, he said that there are many more people who are concerned about these objects, as many of them may be foreign interference. However, he also admitted that there are some objects which cannot be explained.

UFO sightings in the US are not new. Recently, an official revealed to US lawmakers that in the last 20 years, a total of 400 UFOs have been seen. This figure has already doubled. The Pentagon official said that he had not yet found evidence of any supernatural origin.

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